Accurate laser analysis for coffee and more


The ColorTrack laser color system gives you highly accurate, repeatable color readings at the push of a button

  • No cailbration - ColorTracks solid-state laser will never require calibration
  • No warm-up time - ColorTrack is ready to go the instant it's plugged in
  • Samples in seconds - Just push 'start' - ColorTrack gives you an industry-standard color number in about 20 seconds.


How it works

ColorTrack uses a near-infrared laser to scan your coffee samples. The specific wavelength of the laser is tuned to be highly sensitive to coffee colors, and a moving sample means a highly accurate and repeatable reading. ColorTrack samples the laser thousands of times per second, compared to other color meters that only take a handful of readings at one point on a sample.


ColorTrack connects over USB to your Windows or Mac computer, allowing maximum flexibility. And now, with ColorTrack Blu, you can add Bluetooth connectivity to any lab device!

ColorTrack Cloud

With ColorTrack Cloud, your sample data is never out of reach. When Cloud is enabled, every sample you take is automatically sent to the cloud, where you can store, anylize, organize and share them.
  • Automatic - By the time you've read the sample result off the screen, it's already stored securely in ColorTrack Cloud
  • Collaborate - Easily share samples with the rest of your team around the globe
  • Analize - Link color and moisture samples and see changes in data over time
  • Learn - ColorTrack Cloud uses smart analytics to point out potential problems in your data

All ColorTrack products now integrate seamlessly with Cropster, so color readings appear right there in your Cropster dashboard. Simply take a sample, select the PR number to associate it with, and done!


The original ColorTrack brings accuracy and reliability to your coffee lab or quality control line.

The accuracy of the Benchtop unit, shrunk down in to a digital, auto-calibrating device suitable for use in the field.

Monitor the color development of a roast as it's roasting. With instant feedback, you can never over-roast or under-roast again!

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